Mitten Dance

We had the misfortune to go for a walk yesterday during the ONE HALF HOUR of the day that there was a white out snow squall. M.M. was sobbing because she was so cold and the snow and wind were getting in her face, I was freezing and wet… I had taken my glasses off about halfway back because I couldn't see through the steam and snow on them. I thought I put them in my coat pocket, but they weren't there when we got home, so I conclude I must have missed my pocket and dropped them. I wanted to go back to look for them, but M.M. was so cold and wet and miserable that I couldn't take her back out. I couldn't bring my car in case I ran over them, nor could I get someone to come babysit for the same reason.

I tried to find them today, but no luck. It was really windy – really, really windy – last night, and even on our poky farm lane several cars and hunters' trucks (uck) had driven by, so the chances of my glasses surviving were not good. I can't find my old glasses either (though I haven't yet given up on that. I know I've seen them fairly recently), so I'm wearing my old OLD glasses, which are ugly, bent and uncomfortable, and not the right prescription. Oh well, what's another couple hundred bucks out of the pocket of a barely-employed single mom?


Ersatz Snow Day

It was only an inch or so, and it was pretty much a melted slushy mess by mid-afternoon, but by God this was the first snow we Berkshire girls have seen this year and we were gosh-darned gonna play in it. Having spent my childhood on the Eastern Shore of Maryland and my adulthood in the Berkshires, I don't have much snowman experience. By the time I got to the snowy climes I was not interested in freezing my fingers in pursuit of a Frosty replica. But I did my best for my child, and we produced this miniature little gal (according to M.M. it is very definitely a she). It was fun, really. But it's hard to imagine myself having the stamina for a big one, even if we got enough snow. One of my failings as a mother is a short attention span.

We treated the day like a snow day in other ways too. I made a big pot of chicken soup: not as good as last time, but my expectations were very high. It was still good, and it will probably be better tomorrow, too.

And I knitted and took pictures of yarn, some of which was delivered to my very doorstep this afternoon. Really, sometimes the 21st century is wonderful.

I finished the stripey mittens, wrapped them up, and put them in a big envelope in my cousin's mailbox as a surprise. I haven't heard from her about them yet, but I may have put them in there after they checked the mail this afternoon. I hope they're well received.
The colors aren't great here, they're richer and brighter than they appear. I love the subtle color changes.

And here's what's on deck, left to right: Blue Moon Fiber Arts Socks That Rock heavyweight in 'Farmhouse', which I believe I'm going to use for a nice pair of fingerless gloves for mysef. Some chunky alpaca I got to make a hat for my brother for Christmas that didn't make the time cut, but I'll whip it out now. And some Noro Silk Garden, can't remember the number, probably for a hat. Or something. Or for looking at for a long time.

All of this is on hold while I continue work on my Shetland Lace Rib socks, in progress for several months now. I am halfway done the second sock… (can we say Second Sock Syndrome?) and it's hard to stay focused. Maybe that attention span thing is not just a failing as a mother. Anyway, I'm going to fondle the new yarn and daydream about it at least for a little while while I try to get some more of this sock under my belt. I like the sock, I like the yarn, I want the finished product… it's just an attention span thing.

Up until a couple of weeks ago, I was all into the purply bluey tealy colors for yarn, that's all I bought. Now I seem to have any interest in (as evidenced by the photo above) is warm bright yellows, reds, oranges… I'm all about the sunset now.