Check it… more hearts. I am on a roll, baby, I can't stop. Somehow I started getting little holes along the edge (visible on the dark purpleish stripy one in this photo. I have no idea why. I swear I am using exactly the same process as in the earlier, non-holey ones. M1, no prob. I don't get it. Anyway, I have lots more to do - woohoo!

Soon I will (probably) start sharing photos and updates on my sock club socks. I can't express the excitement and deep satisfaction of participating in this club. I had no idea it would be so, I don't know, community-feeling, and exciting and stimulating. All I can say is, it's way more than 6 skeins of yarn and 12 patterns. I get it now.


more heart pictures

These pictures are terrible but I can't help it. These hearts are just TOO CUTE for me not to share. I did the dark purple one this afternoon in like an hour and a half start to finish. That is a major deal for me. Tonight I went through my yarn and came up with a whole bunch of other yarns to make them out of.


Little Knitted Hearts

Aren't they cute? I'm going to try to make one for everybody in my daughter's class.