Sock Club Saga

I love the color of the yarn, I love the look of the pattern, but it is not without its issues. The bobbles take *forever*, which is ok because, surprisingly, I think they're super cute. It's kind of hurting my hands to do them, which tells me I need to knit looser. So ok.

I am having gauge problems, totally unrelated I'm SURE to the complete absence of swatching I did. I'm doing medium socks on the recommended needle size and word on the internets is that it will be too big. On the other hand I tried going down to size small and it was clearly too small. So, whaddaya gon' do?

I am excited about these socks but I'm just a wee bit discouraged right now. I finished the first row of the second pattern repeat today and ended up with the wrong number of stitches. May not be able to stomach the thought of frogging all those bobbles but on the other hand I may not be able to stand the mistake.

Time will tell.