Complete Satisfaction

Ok, so that might be a little strongly worded, but I am very happy with these:

it feels fabuloso to have them done and off the needles and looking (if I may say so myself) damn good. I wore them immediately for a day of hard tramping around our nation's capitol, and they did very well. Fit was great, comfort was good, and they didn't unravel. Hip hip hooray!

Now on to the next thing. We did some very bucolic outdoor yarn winding the next day so I could start on the new project, which is a sock kit I got for Christmas. It's in self-striping bright pink yarn that is very nice to work with, and it's a toe-up pattern, which I've never done before. The start was really a pain: I had to cast on 4 or 5 times because I had such a hard time getting the increases right when there were only a few stitches on the needles. I finally got it though and am now in the groove, just about ready to start the gusset increases. It's relatively thick yarn and big needles (size 5s after the previous pair was on 1s), so it feels like they're just flying off the needles.

Not sure what I'm going to do next. Summer's coming, so it doesn't seem appropriate to work on warm thick wintry hats and things, but nothing summery is springing to mind. I've been feeling a slight urge to tackle a bigger project for a change, so maybe I'll try a fall sweater for M.M. or something and see if I can finish it before next winter. I hate being such a slow knitter. The process is bigger for me than the product, but it's not everything. And it's hard to appreciate the process if it doesn't feel like I'm making any progress. (hehe)