Um… knitting?

I'm starting on the fall sock season, lovely, beautiful Koigu in Shepherd's Lace Rib pattern (or something, can't remember the exact name). The notes on the pattern recommend using a solid colored yarn to show off the lace better and of course I am using a painted yarn, I can't help it. It's lovely to work with, though I'm shifting from a gigantic bathmat on size 17 needles to socks on size 1s, so I'm a little disoriented.

The excitingest part though is that I have a new camera! Of my very own for the first time, no more borrowing from the band. So I'll have pictures galore with which to inundate everyone I know, and especially this unread blog: adorable child! Cute-as-buttons kittens! Knitting triumphs and travails! So much is in store!

As soon as I learn how to use the darn thing.


Birthday Heaven

There were balloons

…lots of balloons

There were presents

And even a tiara

We had a dramatic reading


And let's not forget the cake!

When it was over, we got to rest a little


M.M. was playing store with me the other day, as she often does. She does this by demanding that I buy something from her. She usually charges me '35' for whatever it is. This time though, there was a twist. At the beginning of the transaction she asked me if I was going to be 'increditive'. Not having a freaking clue what she was saying, I asked her to repeat it several times, and this is what it indubitably was. "Do you want to use cash," she explained, "or a card?"

This is a word I think should absolutely enter our language. The whole society has become chronically increditive, and it's high time we had a name for it.