Mitten Dance

We had the misfortune to go for a walk yesterday during the ONE HALF HOUR of the day that there was a white out snow squall. M.M. was sobbing because she was so cold and the snow and wind were getting in her face, I was freezing and wet… I had taken my glasses off about halfway back because I couldn't see through the steam and snow on them. I thought I put them in my coat pocket, but they weren't there when we got home, so I conclude I must have missed my pocket and dropped them. I wanted to go back to look for them, but M.M. was so cold and wet and miserable that I couldn't take her back out. I couldn't bring my car in case I ran over them, nor could I get someone to come babysit for the same reason.

I tried to find them today, but no luck. It was really windy – really, really windy – last night, and even on our poky farm lane several cars and hunters' trucks (uck) had driven by, so the chances of my glasses surviving were not good. I can't find my old glasses either (though I haven't yet given up on that. I know I've seen them fairly recently), so I'm wearing my old OLD glasses, which are ugly, bent and uncomfortable, and not the right prescription. Oh well, what's another couple hundred bucks out of the pocket of a barely-employed single mom?

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Heather said...

Oh no! :(