The War On Americans' Rights... I Mean Terrorism

FTAA IMC is an independent media web site covering the Free Trade Agreement of the Americas meeting that happened in Miami last week, and the protests it inspired. The response to the protests by the city, or the federal government, or whoever the heck was in charge of responding to them, was quite scary. As I read on the IMC web site, the police were militarized, and the military were policing. There were dozens of police in full riot gear on every street corner. The 'authorities' scared the citizens into closing their businesses and avoiding downtown, so the place was deserted except for protestors and police/military. I read about military tanks patrolling the streets at night.

This is the kind of news I avoid a lot of the time, because it is too depressing, enraging, and scary for me. Everyone else seems to avoid it too, because I haven't heard anything about it other than from my brother. That is even scarier.