Ersatz Snow Day

It was only an inch or so, and it was pretty much a melted slushy mess by mid-afternoon, but by God this was the first snow we Berkshire girls have seen this year and we were gosh-darned gonna play in it. Having spent my childhood on the Eastern Shore of Maryland and my adulthood in the Berkshires, I don't have much snowman experience. By the time I got to the snowy climes I was not interested in freezing my fingers in pursuit of a Frosty replica. But I did my best for my child, and we produced this miniature little gal (according to M.M. it is very definitely a she). It was fun, really. But it's hard to imagine myself having the stamina for a big one, even if we got enough snow. One of my failings as a mother is a short attention span.

We treated the day like a snow day in other ways too. I made a big pot of chicken soup: not as good as last time, but my expectations were very high. It was still good, and it will probably be better tomorrow, too.

And I knitted and took pictures of yarn, some of which was delivered to my very doorstep this afternoon. Really, sometimes the 21st century is wonderful.

I finished the stripey mittens, wrapped them up, and put them in a big envelope in my cousin's mailbox as a surprise. I haven't heard from her about them yet, but I may have put them in there after they checked the mail this afternoon. I hope they're well received.
The colors aren't great here, they're richer and brighter than they appear. I love the subtle color changes.

And here's what's on deck, left to right: Blue Moon Fiber Arts Socks That Rock heavyweight in 'Farmhouse', which I believe I'm going to use for a nice pair of fingerless gloves for mysef. Some chunky alpaca I got to make a hat for my brother for Christmas that didn't make the time cut, but I'll whip it out now. And some Noro Silk Garden, can't remember the number, probably for a hat. Or something. Or for looking at for a long time.

All of this is on hold while I continue work on my Shetland Lace Rib socks, in progress for several months now. I am halfway done the second sock… (can we say Second Sock Syndrome?) and it's hard to stay focused. Maybe that attention span thing is not just a failing as a mother. Anyway, I'm going to fondle the new yarn and daydream about it at least for a little while while I try to get some more of this sock under my belt. I like the sock, I like the yarn, I want the finished product… it's just an attention span thing.

Up until a couple of weeks ago, I was all into the purply bluey tealy colors for yarn, that's all I bought. Now I seem to have any interest in (as evidenced by the photo above) is warm bright yellows, reds, oranges… I'm all about the sunset now.

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