Knitty Gritty

I finished the diaper cover! Ok, I mostly finished it. It still needs a drawstring and I'd like to knit cuffs for it. But I finished it enough for M.M. to wear it:

It's not a great picture, and the soaker is not terribly visible, but I was working with a moving target. Here's the other shot I got of it:

I'm now preparing to start the soft soft hat for Mr. W. I'm not using the right kind of yarn, and it's a bit of an experiment since with my novice skills I don't know how the substitution is going to work.


The First Hour

Where does it go? When M.M. goes to sleep I inevitably have a long mental list of things I need to do before I too can hit the hay. I spend much of the time it takes to get her down culling that list, prioritizing, scheduling my precious pre-sleep activities. Every night, I somehow end up an hour later wandering around the house in a panic about how I'm not going to get to bed until 1am again, with absolutely no idea where the first hour went. It's like a black hole, the dryer-sock phenomenon of the time-space continuum.

Tonight I was desparate to take a shower and get into bed by 11:30. Here it is, 11:30, and I've showered, but I still have to do the mandatory kitchen cleanup and laundry start without which life cannot go on. I've revised my bedtime to 11:45. It's still a lot earlier than yesterday.


No Soap

I've just decided: I'm not taking a shower tonight. I go through this frequently, needing a shower, wanting to take one before bed when M.M.'s asleep but being too tired and throwing in the towel (heh). Again, tonight. I truly need a good night's sleep. My brain's been foggy with fatigue all day, and I'm having anxiety and stupidity as a result. So, no soap!

I paid my bills tonight. I'm feeling proud and impoverished. I am in a desperate pickle, and I really need to find a stream of income that does not require me to expend time or energy, as I have none to spare beyond what goes into M.M.-care. She's already getting shortchanged on the Mama-attention meter. My new plan is to pay bills every weekend so they don't get so out of control, and so I maintain a more realistic and depressing view of my financial status.

More cheerfully, I'm still knitting the diaper soaker that I started last week. I'm getting to the section that I have no idea how to perform, so it may fall apart soon. Meanwhile, I'm waiting for yarn and needles for a sweater for the New Nephew, and the right sized needle for a hat for him to match the one I made M.M. I'm proud of myself for jumping into this knitting craze and adventuring with it, attempting sweaters and all. I hope to have photos of the finished products eventually.