Fair Maria Wood

Fair Maria Wood

Horseless Carriage

I'm maybe getting a new car tomorrow. It's happened suddenly after 3 months of fruitless searching. I'm feeling less excitement than I might have expected, as I'm trying to keep somewhat low expectations and I have so much else in my head anyhow. The relief of having a lower monthly car payment will be immense, especially given the other financial disasters which have befallen me in the past month or so. I will feel much more responsible and reasonable in a smaller cheaper car. I hate driving something so perilously close to an SUV as the Forester. And it makes my back hurt.



Elmer is still alive! She's in my lap, twitching her tail, touching me with her cold wet nose, walking on the keyboard and generally driving me nuts, and I'm so thankful. I truly thought she was going to be dead last weekend, and it cost almost $1,000, a lot of medicine, two trips to an animal hospital an hour away, and lots of heartache and angst to get her back and annoying me again. She's still acting a little weird about water and food and our wonderful vet seems to think she might actually be crazy, but I'm glad she's here.