(No) Proof of Toe-Up Sock

One is finished. I bound off too tightly and have to decide whether I'm going to take it out and fix it or let it be. I do have pictures, but it doesn't appear that Blogger is going to allow me to upload them (have I previously said "fie on Blogger!"?). I'm getting the famous eternal "Loading" window.

The second sock is on the needles. I'm hoping to be done with it in the next few days, and then I have a few knitting quandaries ahead. First, STR heavyweight in the Farmhouse colorway. I know what I want to make with it: RPM from Spring 2006 Knitty. But the pattern calls for STR mediumweight, and I don't know if I'm clever enough to translate. Seems stupid, I know…leave me alone.

Anyway, BMFA doesn't even have any mediumweight in stock, so no help there. Speaking of which, I have to agree with Sknitty about their web store setup. I love the yarn, and my limited customer service experiences with them have been great, and you know, I'm always up for supporting the small independant business, especially when they're oppressed by The Man, but I'd love it if they had a little bit easier system for viewing yarns and colors.


Signs of Spring

It's freaking me out: last year I lived in a place where spring is still a good month or so away. This year, we've got flowering trees all over town, daffodils are almost already gone by, and the leaves are getting bigger hourly. It's lovely, but totally disorienting.