Radio Sociology

I am concerned that I may have an involuntarily sexist attitude towards my friendly local radio station DJs. I looove WKZE, and I listen to it all the time, even when it's staticky. But my two least favorite DJs are Christine and Julie. I think it's because of their irritating personalities and tendencies towards crappy music. But I worry that it's really because they're women.

I like Jimmy, Corey, Frank, and Stuart, and I've come to have a certain soft spot in my heart for Doug, too, even though he talks too much. Instead of Nature versus Nurture, the debate I have going on in my head is Programming versus Personality. I haven't come up with a way to test myself on this. If Christine's morning show were exactly the same but with a male voice, would I still not turn the radio on until 10 am when it was over? Or would I react differently to the clich├ęd and non-morning-appropriate music she sometimes plays and her overly peppy and full of herself comments?

I hope for my own sake that these women are genuinely irritating and amateurish.


It's Just Too Depressing and Predictable to Talk About"

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"President Bush's Inspectors Find No Weapons to Support his Claims about Imminent Threat"

Of course not. Because it was a big lie!