Catching Butterflies

This photo really doesn't have anything to do with anything, I just wanted to add some visual interest. I had insomnia last night (couldn't be the coffee ice cream at 10pm could it?) and didn't get to sleep til God-knows-when, so I have nothing much coherent to say.

We managed to have a relatively pleasant day today however. My 13 year old cousin who is also one of M.M.'s favorite people came over this morning for pancakes and stayed for a little while to play. We made orange play dough (so much fun to make). I made lots of progress on M.M.'s second mitten only to get to the top decreases and discover that I was missing 2 stitches (I told you I was tired). I suspect that when I did the thumb gusset I started it wider than I should have, thus incorporating stitches that should have stayed in the hand section.

Whatever the case, I frogged it back to the end of the cuff ribbing and am starting back from there. I thought I'd be finished it by early this evening and able to move on. Oh well.

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