Short-Row Heels

I finally got my act together and photographed some of the recent sock projects. Pink toe-up, check:

One and a half little kid socks in Claudia's Handpainted, check:

And a touching duet to finish off:

And coming up, we have the Opal Gems from MD S & W, destined possibly to be toys from World of Knitted Toys:

And Cascade Pastaza for a blanket from a pattern given me for Christmas (the card with the pattern is visible on the right). The color on the right is actually a plummy eggplanty purple, not the navyish royalish blue it appears. I'm going to use that purple for the darker stripes on the pattern and alternate the green (really more seafoamy) and blue, hopefully to produce a watery wavy oceanish effect that will also coordinate with my purple couch:

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