Moving On…

Tragic, really. By the time I finished M.M.'s second sock, only a week or two after the first one, she had outgrown them. She's been in the middle of a massive growth spurt, and I swear the first one fit when I finished it. I'm going to try blocking and stretching them out, I guess, but I think they're destined to be a giveaway. Sadly, Blogger is not showing me my preview, so I'm not sure whether these pictures are in the right order.

Now I'm working on a blanket. Wrong time of year. But I'm slow, it'll (I hope) be ready for wintertime, and the yarn was on sale at Webs. I'm using exactly the yarn and needles called for in the pattern, and I confess I haven't actually measured a swatch, but it's waaaay too loose, whatever the gauge is, or is supposed to be. Since taking this photo I've aquired a smaller needle - size 11 instead of 13 (why, please, why is there a size 10 1/2 needle but no size 12? What kind of crazy system is this??) – and cast on yet again (4th time for this project so far…) with a larger number of stitches to compensate for any width lost because of the smaller needle. I'm hopeful that I'll get closer to the fabric I was looking for with this substitution.

There is always the possibility that when I get into the patterned sections I'll discover that there was a reason for the big needles, that what is way too loose in garter stitch and for the first few rows of the pattern is tight and unmanageable on the smaller needle when the pattern is established… stay tuned for new developments.

Oh, and I got some really really beautiful STR in a colourway that I can't be bothered to go look at the name of remember at the moment. Once this blanket is well underway I'll be starting some RPM socks with that. I already can't wait.

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