Zero Waste

I want the world to be like these people want to make it.


Two experimental dishes tonight, on the whole a success. Spinach Kugel, which came out much too salty, but was good otherwise. I'm looking forward to trying again with less salt and maybe some cheddar cheese melted on top. The other was Sweet Potato Pancakes. They were good, if a bit too oniony for me.

I find that the older I get the less I need onions in my food. I can smell them for a long time after I cook with them – like, when I wake up in the morning even if I've showered the night before the onion smell is the first thing I'm aware of, and I notice it for at least a day or two on the kitchen surfaces, though I do clean thoroughly. It's not even that I don't like the smell, but it's too much when it's first thing in the morning, and constant. I've never talked about it with anyone else to know if this increased sensitivity is completely unheard of.

Fine Cabled Mitts

I've finished the first one, cast on and begun the ribbing for the second. I have such a rake of projects waiting in the wings, I'm starting to feel a little strung out (heh heh, get it?) about it: I have promised M.M. I'd FINALLY make the Siberian Husky puppy from World Of Knitted Toys. I made the Eskimo doll almost a year ago and am starting to feel totally guilty that I haven't followed through on that yet. I'd also like to make something for my nephew from that book. Then, there is Noro Silk Garden for a hat for me. And M.M. needs a hat. And I have some soft chunky yarn to make a quick hat for a present… haven't decided which of two people I'm going to give it to.

And all that is before I get back to my socks. I'm on the foot, just need to knit a few more inches before I start the toe decreases, but it's on hold because I decided it made more sense to work on seasonal stuff since I won't want to wear lacy socks until it gets a bit warmer anyway. Plus, my aunt asked me to work on a sweater she started a couple of years ago and hasn't had time or inclination to finish. She did the ribbing at the hem, and petered out on the stockinette of the body. I have no idea why I let myself get roped into it. It's going to be a long time before I get to it.

Tomorrow is another day for knitting.

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