Happy Birthday To Me

My internet seems to be back up and (fairly) reliable after nearly 3 months down. (I must remember to call Wild Blue and demand a credit for the time I was offline and they were jerking me around working hard to fix the problem.)

Meanwhile, we've had Hallowe'en, Thanksgiving, Christmas, and my birthday. So, um, plenty to catch up on I guess, if I ever get out of the sleep deprivation/vague depression fog I seem to be perpetually wading through these days. I'd like to follow Heather's example and post every day, but it may be a bit much to expect.

Anyway, here are some pictures for fun:
Cutting holly on Christmas Eve. A more picturesque experience could not have been had. And we were following Moxie's advice concerning kids and holidays: "Go outside, go outside, go outside!" Happily, it was warm (creepy, but nice) enough to blow off lots of steam outdoors.

Christmas children, who also could not have been more picturesque. Sure, this looks like a fiery disaster waiting to happen, but it was the magical season of Christmas, when no danger is too great to outweigh a great photo op.

And, I have knitting to share. Such knitting. For me, a bonanza of knitting. For cooler, speedier knitters I'm sure this would represent a slow week, but for me it's a miracle wrought by Netflix. I succesfully knit 3 Christmas presents, and only one of them was not ready on Christmas morning. I wrapped it as it was and finished it a few days later. Tragically, it seems that one of the three projects escaped the camera's lens (or maybe I was just too dopey to take it's picture), so we only have evidence of two of them. Here y'are:

The colors, of course, are woefully inaccurate. The fingerless mitts are a lovely dusky greenish hue, not the stern, wartime grey they appear, and the little socks for my nephew are a warm rusty gold, not poopy brown.

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