It's the Process, It's the Process

I'm taking deep breaths. I'm remaining calm. I knit for the experience of knitting.

Remember the sock? The skinny Anna yarn, and the tiny size 1 needles? That's the sock that I started over last week, more than once. It's been going well. The pattern is clearer to me now, the colors are gorgeous. It's relaxing and challenging at once. I've gotten about 2 inches done. I've been a little daunted by the slowness of progress (especially with the nagging awareness that the Knitting Olympics are approaching and I'm committed to a whole other pair of socks with skinny yarn and tiny needles for that. But I'm enjoying this process.

This morning, my daughter – my darling, beautiful daughter, shown here in all her adorable glory –
took two of the needles out of the knitting. There are probably experienced knitters out there who could re-insert the needles, pick the stitches back up properly and continue, only losing a round or two. I am not such a knitter. I will probably not be able to bear ripping it out again tonight, so maybe I'll try to get some expert advice tomorrow… but I see yet another new start in my future.

I will not mention the fact that I broke one of my needles last night, so I'm going to have to go somewhere like here or here in order to continue this project anyway. Maybe I'll get some help.


volcaniclava said...

she looks totally beautiful and completely unaware of her destruction!

Maria said...

To be absolutely fair, this photo was taken before the destruction. But she is still pretty oblivious, though I tried to explain, believe me!