Elmer is still alive! She's in my lap, twitching her tail, touching me with her cold wet nose, walking on the keyboard and generally driving me nuts, and I'm so thankful. I truly thought she was going to be dead last weekend, and it cost almost $1,000, a lot of medicine, two trips to an animal hospital an hour away, and lots of heartache and angst to get her back and annoying me again. She's still acting a little weird about water and food and our wonderful vet seems to think she might actually be crazy, but I'm glad she's here.

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Anonymous said...

omy! what happened to elmer? I saw her monday mornin and she was all happy and hungry....we bonded for a bit and everything, I was really enjoying her company. Im glad shes better. I am really suprised since she was real active and happy to see me, unlike when she used to hide under the floor in west stockbridge and I could barely get her out.