The First Hour

Where does it go? When M.M. goes to sleep I inevitably have a long mental list of things I need to do before I too can hit the hay. I spend much of the time it takes to get her down culling that list, prioritizing, scheduling my precious pre-sleep activities. Every night, I somehow end up an hour later wandering around the house in a panic about how I'm not going to get to bed until 1am again, with absolutely no idea where the first hour went. It's like a black hole, the dryer-sock phenomenon of the time-space continuum.

Tonight I was desparate to take a shower and get into bed by 11:30. Here it is, 11:30, and I've showered, but I still have to do the mandatory kitchen cleanup and laundry start without which life cannot go on. I've revised my bedtime to 11:45. It's still a lot earlier than yesterday.

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