The email list is gone. The web guy seems unconcerned ("you don't have copies of the email addresses?"). Part of the reason for having this email list held and administered on the web site was so that we wouldn't have to deal with managing all the addresses ourselves, and also so that people's addresses would remain private and they could sub- and unsub- freely for themselves.

I can't bear to tell anyone yet. I'm too tired. I'm too overwhelmed, and I haven't been around another adult for 3 or 4 days now. I'm glad I'm leaving town day after tomorrow. I can't tell you how tempted I am not to come back.

In the meantime, who wouldn't be cheered up by this?


Jes said...

how weird, now I can comment! UGH onthe mailing list, after all the effort and manual labor.
your knitting is fabulous! I have also jumped in to the craze, I was reading in the Times that teenage boys are starting to knit!!

Michelle Topham said...


Wow, she is just BEAUTIFUL!!!!! She cheered ME up :-)

Michelle (raphaela from Utne.com)