The Arrival of Winter

This blog is appropriately named. It's been ebbing, and now perhaps I'll start to flow again.

Here is the first official photo of my new nephew, Mr. W. I can't believe I have a nephew!

He's the cutest baby since my baby. M.M. and I are going down to meet him in a couple of weeks.

I am in the process of knitting a diaper soaker for M.M., having already completed her hat:

Sadly, the hat has since been put through the washer and dryer and is now smaller and... felty. I'm planning a small version for Mr. W., and when that's done, if it's not warm by then, I may try either a replacement for M.M.'s or some sort of rescue, like ear flaps or an added cuff to make it bigger.

Hmm... a loud popping sound just came from my kitchen. Can't imagine what that might be. Hmm.

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