I wonder how many posts in the blogosphere have had this title in the past week or so…

Anyway, we dyed eggs today and much fun was had. We thought we'd do it outside but things were blowing off the table and also there are about 1,000 gigantic bumblebee-like things swarming my house now that it's warm. I think they are living in the eaves or something. I got creeped out by them and wanted to come in. So we moved everything in and worked in the kitchen, which was probably better anyway.

I like to use food coloring, but Missy May really wanted some good old Paas, so we did both. She also painted the eggs with glitter paint, which was really pretty. I also like to put a little splash of oil in the dye to create a marbling effect.

I had a few extra brown eggs in the fridge so I threw them in the mix, but I have to admit they didn't dye well.

She also did some crayoning on a couple of the eggs before dyeing them. We had forgotten to use crayon on them while they were still hot (as seen in Jean's lovely post) so she didn't get the lovely melty wax, but the dye did resist the crayon a little. It's kind of hard to see though…

You can see some of my marbley efforts here. For the yellow and red one in the front, I put the
egg in the carton and dripped first oil then yellow dye, then red dye over it. M.M. said it looks like a hot air balloon.

Another thing I like is to wrap rubber bands around the eggs before dyeing them to make stripes and spirals. I didn't do very many like that today, though.

All done! Aren't they pretty? They're waiting at this moment to be hidden for the morning excitement.


momma rae said...

what fun! you gals dyed a lot of eggs! we are awaiting my mom's arrival to dye ours. we will be using silk ties like we did last year.

those bees sound like carpenter bees. we have some on the back of our house, too. look them up online. they are pesky and hard to get rid of, but don't sting humans that i know of.

happy easter!

Maria said...

We did dye a lot. Last year with my grandmother, stepmother, and cousin, we dyed something like 6 dozen - way more than we needed; the egg hunt took FOREVER!

I'm sure you're right about the bees. I'll have to tell my landlords – the pleasures of renting and not owning!