Breakfast in Bed

M.M. brought me breakfast in bed yesterday morning. She woke up really early (why does that only happen on non-school mornings?) and to buy myself a little extra horizontal time I asked her if she’d get me a glass of water. Next thing I knew it was 40 minutes later and she showed up with a big tray. I couldn’t believe she’d managed to carry it upstairs.

It was ginger snaps – 3 in a little dish, plus the whole jar in case I wanted more, spelt pretzels – again, a few on a little plate and the whole bag, and a little bowl of broth, which she had made by mixing a bouillon cube with cold water. And, of course, the glass of water I’d asked for in our fanciest mug, with a thin delicate handle and a ring of gold paint around the rim. I was suitably impressed and delighted with all the effort she’d gone to, and she was so cute and excited to have done it all herself. I wish I’d had my camera to document the adorableness of it all. As soon as she’d delivered the tray she ran back downstairs to get me a little vase with a flower.

Happily I didn’t have to actually eat much of the breakfast… I shared with M.M., nibbled on a pretzel or two, guzzled the water and asked for a refill which she eagerly fetched. M.M. actually drank a lot of the broth and seemed to enjoy it despite the chunks of undissolved bouillon cube floating in the ice cold water.
I really loved it, and she really loved doing it. Win win, indeed.


kmkat said...

What a sweetie! Both the photo and the breakfast :-)

Maria said...

She repeated the breakfast today, with the addition of pouring sugar over the ginger snaps and including an orange and a yogurt smoothie.

Anonymous said...

Holy cats, that is a cute kid. And a sweet and thoughtful one, at that.
Hope all's well with you.

the secret agent said...

Um, that last comment was me, the secret agent. I just signed up and it didn't use my name.

maria said...

Ok Secret Agent, whoever you are… thanks for the comment!

Anonymous said...

Hi Maria,

I have misplaced your email address. I hope you still check your blog!

I think about you often. After reading your blog, I feel I know a bit about you (well, mostly your knitting persona), and I just like your tone.

Most likely, you're still in the madness of relocating. I hope it's gone well enough so far. I hope you're meeting people.

Email me if you like. czilla007@hotmail.com

Claudia/the secret agent.

Reesh said...

Hello. I got a link to your blog from a comment you left on Ask Moxie in May of 2008. You were talking about how your daughter humps/masturbates, even at your friends house and how embarrassed you are and how you don't really know what to do about it. Well, my daughter is 3 and she does the same thing and I was just wondering if your daughter has outgrown it yet or if you have any advice/suggestions or anything.

Thanks for your help,