Here is my to-do list from yesterday, a typical day with a 4 year old:
  • Get Dressed
  • Go outside, visit neighboring horse (take snack)
  • Adjust P's high chair
  • Re-hang fallen coat hook 
  • Lunch
  • Rest time
  • Start Dishwasher
  • Go to Target
  • Mail Big Bear order
  • Call about concert tickets
  • Fold/put away laundry
  • Work on organizing attic
  • Call yarn shop
When I looked back over this list yesterday evening, I saw that I had actually accomplished close to nothing outside of basic child-care. Nearly all of the crossed out items were things I literally could not have gotten through the day without. Stuff that does not count as, you know, productive. Getting stuff done. Making the list smaller. Today's list is essentially the same. This is why I got out of the food service business: you spend all day working your fingers to the bone, walking your feet off, and the next day it all has to be done again. Sisyphean.

I really wonder how I think I am ever going to hold down a job. Other than, you know, needing to eat and all. 

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