I seem to have inadvertently ordered another knitting book . I don't quite know how it happened. One minute it was in my shopping cart where I save books I like to ogle and dream about ordering some day, and the next minute I was getting an order confirmation email. It's not that I don't remember placing the order, but I was clearly in the throes of some late-night yarn intoxication and not entirely responsible for my actions.

I've been looking for a new project anyway. I am guiltily ignoring my aunt's sweater, which I really need to rip out and redo because I knit about 3 inches in the wrong direction (purled instead of knit) while sitting in a dark movie theatre. And there's the linen hand towel courtesy of Mason-Dixon Knitting that I started last summer and didn't finish. And the coordinating color of linen yarn for another one. Those suckers take forever.

And M.M.'s socks
And something out of that Noro Silk Garden that I ordered a while back.
And my friend Ming asked me to make finger covers to go inside her mittens because her fingertips were frostbitten when she was a kid and now are hard to keep warm. (I do have until next winter for those, but they have to be of a verrrry fine gauge and are going to take a long time).

But I've been fantasizing about a big delicate lacy shawl for kind of a long time…

Meanwhile, did I show you the pink sock I finished?

Sippy cup is to show scale, and the real color is between the two shown here. This was taken a couple of weeks ago before winter reasserted its icy grip.

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