Finally, the Hat

Well, Blogger has apparently repaired the photo upload feature. It's about time. Here's the hat, already on its way to North Carolina. The yarn is a deliciously soft and highly springy alpaca. It's very drapey, and I'm worried that it won't hold its shape enough as a hat, particularly with a cuff (brim?). But I tried it on and it seemed to work. I basically winged (wung?) the pattern, using the barest of guidelines for measurements and decreases from a cabled beanie hat pattern, origin unknown at this precise moment. I had a vision of a moss stitch cuff, and I just did four simple four-stitch wide ribs of knit against background of purls, and I think it came out quite nicely, thank you very much. It looks better on a head than it does all kind of wilted as in this picture.

I'm a little concerned that the moss stitch might be just a slight tad bit feminine for my brother, but he's not insecure so I think he can take it. And if he can't, he can pull it off. Get it?


Heather said...

Personally, I like drapey hats. They fit over headphones better, and you don't get the dreaded hat head.

Moss stitch is lovely - I don't think it's too feminine. What a nice hat!

scribbit said...

This is cute, I love gray. And I love how you photographed it on the grass, it makes me feel so springish.