A-Travelin' On

It's hard to believe, but life is finally moving forward! We're still homeless, but in two weeks we'll be heading on down to the new homeplace, and getting settled is actually on the horizon. I can hardly believe it, and I barely recognize the cheeriness I'm feeling today despite the rain.

I'm nearly finished the Eskimo doll – though what's left is the fiddly bits of sewing up and embellishing, so I've kind of been putting it off for a while. However, today I wound the yarn for a dishcloth from Mason-Dixon Knitting, vaguely rationalizing it as a house present for the friends who've been letting us stay at their house. Notwithstanding the facts that a) they don't actually use dishcloths, b) there's no way in God's creation that I'll actually finish anything in the two weeks before we move, and c) I'm a bit insecure about giving someone a single dishcloth, handknit or no, as a house present for a month of hospitality.

But I couldn't help it. I'll cast on today.


Anonymous said...

i think it'd be a great gift - even 6 months later

Anonymous said...

Hi, Maria. I followed you to here from Selkie's blog.

I'm homeless right now, too. Looks like it will stay that way for another month or so till we find a new home. I'm glad you're getting settled now!

Another of your posts mentioned the knitting of animals. Have you considered knitting nativity scenes? Just think of all the cute themes you could do...alaskan (bears, seals, igloos), southwestern (teepees, mules, cactus), Floridian (crocodiles, palm trees).

I'd buy 'em!!!