Holiday Recap

It's been a couple weeks since my last pathetic post, but it's been the holidays, so that's no surprise. Life is now settling back down a bit to the humdrum tedium of gray cold snowy winter in the Berkshires.

Knitting I accomplished for Christmas (sorry, no photos at the moment):

• One pair of socks for my brother, very well received, and happily, they fit.
• One stuffed elephant for my nephew, very cute, but he didn't care a bit about it. He's only one, so I'm not hurt.
• One eggplant and one cucumber for M.M., came out nicely, and she seems happy enough.

Knitting-related Christmas loot that I received:

• "Knitting in the Old Way", which I am excited about, and which has thoroughly convinced me that I've completed the transition into a total dork (do I hear the question 'what transition?') because I'm actually fascinated by the mysterious origins of handknit sweaters. I'm waiting for it to get here in the mail because I couldn't carry everything on the plane home. When it arrives I'm looking forward to diving right into it.
• A skein of lovely soft handspun llama wool, bought from someone local to my brother and sil. I'm undecided what to do with it. I'd started a pair of baby socks, but it's really not the right weight for them and I'm worried it doesn't have enough elasticity, so I ripped them out. I may try again with different needles. I'm also considering a hat.
• Gorgeous handknit Himalayan mittens with humongous beautiful cuffs.

Projects I'm contemplating now that the holiday pressure is off:

• Socks for two of my cousins, which I had originally planned for Christmas but which came off that list quite early as it became very clear that it just wasn't gonna happen. I have koigu, and I can't wait to get to it.
• The rest of the produce for M.M. That'll be a short one.
• A hat for me. My current hat is colorful, but store bought and too big for me.
• Learning cables.

Gratuitous really cute picture from Christmas:

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Kristen said...

cables - an amazing feat and the simplicity still leads me to giggle when I'm working with them. A cabled hat with your new alpaca yarn would be a nice combination...