Toddler Sock Progress

The colors are not true, but here is the sock-and-a-half. My sister sort of bummed me out this weekend by telling me the colors reminded her of camouflage, but I'm trying to put that out of my mind. I love these socks, because they look fancy to me, even though the pattern is an easy one. I'm very proud. And hoping against hope to finish them in the next day or two.

I wish I'd made less cuff and more leg. The pattern (from Knit Socks! ) calls for fuzzy novelty yarn on the cuff, from which I've politely abstained, but using the main color yarn makes the cuff too long and plain. Next time I'll know better.


Anonymous said...

very cute socks! Don´t listen to your sister - the color pattern is vanilla-chocolate-cinnamon, if you ask me, not "camouflage"! ;-)


Maria said...

Well there are undeniable dark green tones that one could conceivably find in an army jacket. They're not really showing up in this photo. But thanks for the support!