Wax Paper Princess

This is what I walked into in the kitchen this evening. I had to laugh. Every ziploc bag in the house, the tin foil, and of course, the wax paper, which she proceeded to wrap herself in. It was a waste of wax paper, but other than that it could have been a lot worse. Nothing sticky (unlike my s-i-l's little boy who called himself "The Mayonnaise Monster" the other night, for reasons best left to the imagination), nothing that rolled into every corner of the house, relatively safe (except for the possibilities of, let's see, cutting herself on the blade of the tin foil box, suffocating on a ziploc bag, and, I suppose, choking on the tin foil. Luckily, she escaped injury.

She turns 2 tomorrow. I suppose she felt she needed to mark the occasion of her last day of being 1.


Lady Godiva said...

Too cute! Reminds me of an occasion in the past when a darling 3 year old used Crisco (the solid white stuff) inside and outside mommy's cake pans then sat in one and scooted all over the kitchen floor with her little sister and brother. Woo-hoo, what fun... and so inventive.

Gotta love everything but the clean up.

Anonymous said...

what a great picture!!!