It's horrible here - snow, freezing freezing cold (like my heat can't
keep up with it, no matter where I set the thermostat), and wind like
we're on the prairie. There are drifts all over the sidewalk, my car,
and the parking lot. I didn't go out all day, but we're supposed to go
to swimming first thing in the morning, so I'm trying to shore up all
my strength for the bundling up (with a toddler), the braving the
elements (with a toddler), the digging out of the car (with a
toddler)... Have I mentioned that I can't stand winter anymore?

I tried to make biscuits today but my yeast was expired and I didn't
have a really warm place for the dough to rise and M.M. woke up and
needed tending when I was supposed to be kneading, so they came out
like fresh-baked hockey pucks. There was a leftover hunk of dough that
I didn't have cookie sheet space for so I stuck it in the oven whole
when the 'biscuits' were done, and it actually came out as a
reasonable small loaf of bread. We had it with our pasta for supper
tonight, so the whole thing wasn't a total bust.

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Heather said...

If you have some cornmeal, you can do a Canadian meal for Canadian weather...johnny cakes and baked beans. You just need a cup of cornmeal or so, about a teaspoon of salt, a teaspoon of sugar, a tablespoon of boiling water, and half a cup of milk. Put the boiling water in, then mix in the milk, and stir it up for a little bit so it's thick like pancake batter. Then into a hot frying pan in little cakes, and let it cook on both sides until lightly brown. They're great with maple syrup, and nice to have with beans for a meal...sticks to your ribs!